Schedule (CDT / GMT-0500)

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  • Monday 10AM
  • Tuesday 10AM
  • Wednesday 10AM
  • Thursday 10AM
  • Friday 4PM
  • Saturday 12PM
  • Sunday 12PM


  • baldhornycat666 (US)
  • MysteryMcGoo (US)
  • SnappyMcGeeTX (US)
  • TCABxls (EU)
  • p1zzasl1ce- (US – Honorary Mod)
  • NoIntroNeeded- (US – Honorary Mod)
  • Midobot (BOT Running 24/7)


  • Do not insult or disrespect other viewers.
  • Do not disrespect a mod, doing so will result in a timeout or ban. If you have a problem with a certain mod, please send me a message.
  • No racism or discrimination against anyone AT ALL or you will be immediately banned.
  • Any jokes about mental disease will be a ban.
  • Do not spam caps lock less you will be timed out!
  • Do not self-promote your channel or social media – Will result in a ban.
  • Do not talk about religion/politics in chat. Will result in timeout or ban.

Chat Commands

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(undergoing work)

Command Message
!coins Bot will post your amount of coins.
!currency  !coin will show you the amount of currency you have in the channel to enter exclusive giveaways! You can earn coins by staying in the channel. You get 1 coin for every 15 minutes when you are in chat when the stream is live. You can also gain 1 coin per hour when the stream is offline. You will need to be in chat to gain these coins.
!dicsord Check out Midokite ’s Discord Server –
!dpi Mido uses a standard DPI of 800.
!giveaway Mido will randomly do giveaways when there are 15+ people in the stream at one given time. Promote the stream to win some games!
!instagram Follow Mido on Instagram –
!mods Mods are baldhornycat666, MysteryMcGoo, p1zzasl1ce, SnappyMcGeeTX, and TCABxls.
!newpc Check out Mido’s future PC build here To help fund to get the new PC, you can tip here
!res Mido plays with default 1080p resolution.
!rigged Life ain’t fair.
!rules Rules panel listed below.
!schedule Schedule posted below in a panel.
!specs PC Specs listed below in a panel.
!steam Join Mido’s Steam group at
!tip Tip Midokite at –
!trade Mido’s Steam trade link –
!twitter Follow Mido on Twitter –
!youtube Subscribe to Mido’s YouTube Channel –
!website Check out Mido’s website –

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