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  • Sunday: 11AM
  • Monday: 11AM
  • Tuesday: 11AM
  • Wednesday: 11AM
  • Thursday: 11AM
  • Friday: 5PM – Not guaranteed
  • Saturday: 5PM – Not guaranteed


  • baldhornycat666 (US)
  • MysteryMcGoo (US)
  • SnappyMcGeeTX (US)
  • TCABxls (EU)
  • p1zzasl1ce (US)


  • Do not insult or disrespect other viewers.
  • Do not disrespect a mod, doing so will result in a timeout or ban. If you have a problem with a certain mod, please send me a message.
  • No racism or discrimination against anyone AT ALL or you will be immediately banned.
  • Any jokes about mental disease will be a ban.
  • Do not spam caps lock less you will be timed out!
  • Do not self-promote your channel or social media – Will result in a ban.
  • Do not talk about religion/politics in chat. Will result in timeout or ban.

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